белый воротничок смотреть русском

How to make a Frill Collar for the Basic blouse

Easy way to make a boring school blouse look even more pretty and nice. This blouse is made from a white chiffon fabric and i want to give it another look by adding a nice frill collar. Please subscribe to my channel - lots of fun and useful tutorials: See more interesting videos in playlists: Sewing tutorials and how to - Knitting and Yarn dyeing - Small children's clothes upsizing - Upcycling clothes, mending and upsizing - Upcycling clothes, mending and upsizing Jeans Upcycling - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - #kavetro #diy #howto #design #recycling #handmade #upcycling #thrift #sew #upcycle #crafts #DoItYourself #Sewing #knitting #handdyedyarn

белый воротничок смотреть русском

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